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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Areas Do You Service?
    All of New Jersey and Surrounding Areas.
  • What types of items are you able to repurpose?
    Furniture, appliances, smaller household items, like decor, housewares, garage, and shed stuff, kitchenware, stuff that comes out of cabinets, closets & drawers, etc. and pretty much anything depending on style, condition and usefulness.
  • What do you do with the good stuff that gets Repurposed or Recycled?
    Pet related items, towels, and blankets are donated to animal shelters and veterinarians. Clothing and linens, depending on style, age and condition are donated to shelters and organizations in need. Some of the furniture and household items are given directly to people in need as well as to Salvation Army, Veterans Organizations and Good Will. Metal goes to the metal scrapyard. The rest gets sold at Flea Markets and Online Markets to generate enough income to cover the time spent on the removal as well as the expenses involved in removing, transporting, storing and selling them.
  • How are you able to charge less for the Removal than other companies?
    We are able to discount the cost of Removal by utilizing the services of the people who are in the resale business, who often have lower overhead costs than a Removal Company. With their help we can also lower or eliminate disposal fees. These savings are passed on to our customers. The end result is that you benefit from the savings while doing less work and your good stuff is going to people who need it, leaving only the real trash going to the disposal facilities. We manage the process for you, but we no longer need an office or warehouses for storage, and we spend less time traveling to and from disposal facilities, all of which results in no longer having building/storage expenses, lower payroll, insurance rates, fuel bills, truck maintenance and repair expenses and so on.
  • Why do you have to charge for items that can be recycled or repurposed?
    There are still expenses involved in keeping things out of the landfill. i.e. Operating expenses, labor, insurance, fuel, vehicles and maintenance, taxes, etc.
  • How do you determined the cost?
    The cost is determined by the types of items, the overall volume/amount and when considering whether or not items can be repurposed, condition is a factor.
  • Do you need pictures of everything that needs to be removed to give a quote or estimate?
    In most cases, yes... We do need pictures in order to determine whether or not items can be repurposed. We need to know in advance so we can quote the job accordingly and know how to plan and prepare for what you have. The people who do the repurposing aren't able to come out to jobs sight unseen. If you're unable to send pictures just give us a call.
  • What should I do if I don’t have the means or ability to send pictures to you?
    1. You can call Jenna at 732-244-6600 with a list/description or, leave it on our voicemail if we do not answer. 2. You can email a list or description to 3. You can go to our Contact Us Page and fill out the form.
  • When taking pictures is there anything I need to know?
    We have some very helpful tips for taking pictures on our Contact Us page.
  • Do you come out to give an estimate?
    Yes, when necessary. Most jobs can be estimated or quoted by sending us pictures. If pictures aren't an option, we'll start by getting some information from you over the phone, and if need be send someone to come and take a look.
  • Do you provide written estimates"?
    Yes we do.
  • Do I get a discount for items that can be recycled and/or repurposed? How much is the discount?
    Yes. The amount of the discount depends on the types of items, condition and the overall amount. Typically 50% or more.
  • How are you able to charge less than other companies?
    We are able to discount the cost of removal by saving the expense of disposal fees and by utilizing the services of the people who repurpose your stuff. Those people have lower overhead costs than a removal company. . Those savings are passed on to our customers. The end result is that you benefit from the savings while doing less work yourself, while your good stuff is going to people and places who need it, leaving only the real trash going to the disposal facilities. By managing the process for you we no longer need an office or warehouse for storage (Jenna works from home), and we spend less time traveling to and from disposal facilities, all of which eliminates the need for office & storage expenses, lowers insurance costs, lowers fuel bills, and lowers truck maintenance and repair expenses, and more. Please visit our How Does This Work page for more information and examples.
  • Do you recycle metal and appliances?
    Yes. They are taken to the local metal recycling yards.
  • Do you also take junk and trash?
    Absolutely. We take pretty much anything, unless it requires machinery or heavy equipment to remove.
  • Do you tear up and remove wall-to-wall carpeting?
    Yes we do.
  • Do you demolish and remove structures?
    Yes. We can demolish and remove small structures like sheds, hot tubs, above ground pools, gazebos, lean-to's, etc.
  • Is there anything you can't or won't take?
    We aren't typically able to take items that require heavy equipment or machinery to remove, or items that don't fit through openings and can't be safely demolished or disassembled within the home . We also don't take anything asbestos related. You can refer to our How Does This Work page for a list of the types of items we can take.
  • Are you able to provide same-day service?
    In many cases, yes. If you can't schedule in advance and need same day service, please call 732-244-6600 to check availability.
  • I'm not quite sure yet of everything that I'll need to have removed but I do have an idea of what might possibly need to be removed. Are you able to explain how your pricing works and give me a general idea based on what I think may need to be removed? Also, can we revise the list or description once I know for sure?
    Yes, and Yes.
  • Are you able to give an exact price in advance?
    Yes, as long as we know exactly what we will be removing.
  • Do you need advance notice if I have more or less than what you quoted or estimated when you arrive ?
    Yes. we ask that when you know of any changes to please inform us right away.
  • If , I have more or less stuff when you arrive, will you adjust the cost accordingly on site?
    Yes, but please let us know in advance when possible.
  • Do , I have to bag, bin or box up my small items?
    Not at all. We remove everything from wherever it is (i.e. from cabinets, closets, drawers, garage, shed, yard, attic, basement, etc.) If it's easier for you to box, bag or bin your stuff as you sort through it, that's fine as well. We ask that you don't seal the boxes or tie the bags as we will have to quickly inspect the contents before loading.
  • Do you take everything out of the house for me?
    Yes. We remove everything from the home and property regardless of its location within the home.
  • Is there anything you can't take?
    Not typically, unless it's asbestos or requires heavy equipment or machinery to get it out. If it was carried in, we can carry it out.
  • Are you able to handle large jobs like Estate Cleanouts, Hoarding and Pack Rat Cleanouts?
    Yes. We can handle any size job. On larger jobs, We focus on Repurposing as much as possible, smooth coordination of the removal and efficiency.
  • Are you able to remove the large, heavy bulky items from any floor in the home?
    Yes we are.
  • Will I be able to quickly look at what you bring down from my attic or up from my basement to determine what I want to keep?
    Yes, of course.
  • While your crew is here, will they be able to put some things in my car or truck for me or move some items from one floor to another?
    Yes, of course.
  • How many people do you send to do cleanouts and removal?
    Typically, between two and four. Depending on the size of your job along with our schedule for that day larger jobs may require additional people. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible by not having too many people on smaller jobs and to not keep you waiting on us any longer than is necessary on larger jobs.
  • How should I prepare for your arrival?
    You can remove your vehicles from the driveway before our arrival and remove any potential trip hazards like welcome mats & loose or soft rugs. You can leave all furniture where it is and leave the heavy lifting to us. When possible, remove smaller items that you wish to keep into a room that we won't have a need to be in. Alternatively, you can segregate them in the same room if need be and instruct the supervisor as to which area of the room has items that you wish to keep. Remove personal items that you are keeping from drawers and cabinets, and from the tops of any furniture that we will be removing, leaving only the stuff we will be taking away. Arrange to keep your pet safe from escaping while our crew is going in and out of the house.
  • Do you have a minimum charge?
    Yes, depending on what the item(s) are, your location, and how quickly you need the items removed, the minimum charge is typically between $150 and $275.
  • Do I need to give you a deposit?
    No. We don't take any money in advance. , You can pay us at the completion of the job unless paying by credit card, which will get processed at the beginning of the job.
  • Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
    Yes. Removal services in the state of New Jersey are taxable.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    Cash, Personal Checks, Estate Checks, Business Checks, Debit and Credit Cards (3% Surcharge for credit card payments may apply). Regardless of the form of payment, we will email or mail a receipt to you.
  • Will I get a receipt?
    Yes. We will email a receipt to you at the completion of the job. If you don't use email, we can mail it to you.
  • Do you provide rolloff containers that I can load myself?
    We do not provide roll-off containers. We are a full-service company that provides the labor and trucks to remove everything for you and cart it away.
  • Do you provide Moving Services?
    Since we’re not licensed movers, we’re unable to provide moving services.
  • Do you provide Cleaning Services?
    We don’t do any cleaning, but we do broom sweep when finished.
  • Are you part of a Franchise?
    No. Consider It Done, Inc. began in 1988 years ago before the advent of Junk Removal Franchises in the U.S and is still owned and operated by Jennifer Padula who started the company as a cleaning service in 1988 while still in her last semester of college. Click on Our Story to read more.
  • Are you licensed & insured?
    Yes. We are licensed by the NJDEP as an A-901 Solid Waste Hauler which allows us to legally provide the service of removing your stuff and allows us to contract with Landfills and Transfer Stations to legally dispose of the Stuff that doesn’t get recycled or repurposed. We carry full coverage Liability, Worker's Compensation and Auto. We're happy to have our insurance agent send you a Certificate of Insurance (COI) upon request.
  • Do you provide Certificates of Insurance?
    Yes. It’s a very quick and simple process to have our insurance agent send a copy of our COI directly to you confirming coverage for General Liability, Workers Compensation & Auto. Once requested, you will likely have it within the hour. *Note: When requesting Certificates of Insurance, they should come directly from the agent or insurance company, and not from the company or contractor you are hiring. This ensures the certificate hasn’t been altered and the insurance coverage is in effect and the coverage amounts are accurate. You can also confirm the expiration dates and coverage with the NJ CRIB via this link.
  • Who do I contact with general questions not answered here?
    Jennifer Padula 732-244-6600
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