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Consider It Done : Cleanouts & Removals


  • We only dump what we can't be reused...

  • Which keeps over 65% out of the landfill...

  • Which lowers your cost...

  • And helps people who support or supplement their income by reselling, people in need and animal shelters.



  • Remove anything/everything you need to get rid of, whether it can be reused or needs to be disposed of. 

  • Save you the cost of disposal fees by keeping all reusable items out of the landfill. 

  • Save you time by not having to donate or give away the reusable stuff yourself.

  • Provide a tax-deductible receipt for the items that are donated. 


  • If you have good stuff that can be reused, we first send people who resell at flea markets to remove smaller household items, accent pieces, decor, etc. for free if there's enough volume and value for them to come out for your stuff. This includes anything reusable that can be boxed or binned, things that come out of attics, basements, garages, sheds, cabinets, closets, drawers, on/in furniture & and walls, small furniture like bar/counter stools, small end/cocktail tables, and furniture that can be easily lifted and loaded by one person. There is no charge for the smaller stuff that is removed. The people taking the stuff support or supplement their income by selling the stuff at a flea market and donating what doesn't get sold. 

    • If this applies, we'll likely need a few quick pictures to give us an idea of what and how much you have. The Email and Phone # to send pictures to is below.

  • What's left after the reusable small stuff is removed will then be removed by the crew who handles the trash and furniture. If what's left includes any additional reusable larger items, like furniture, appliances, equipment, etc. those items will be separated from the trash and donated to a local Good Will. Metal items will also be separated and taken to a metal scrap yard. 


If you can't send pictures or prefer not to, just give us a call or send an email and we'll get pricing to you right away.  


  • Your job has Too Much Stuff and you're simply overwhelmed

  • You aren’t yet sure what Stuff you need to get rid of

  • You aren’t able to send pictures or prefer not to

  • You know you're stuff can't be reused and you just need a price

  • You just want some general information

  • You just have some questions at this point...


  • Skip the pictures and just give us a call at 732-244-6600 or the # on the mailer if you received one.


732-684-6202 (Please only use this # for texting pictures and urgent calls. Thank you). For all other calls, use 732-244-6600 or the # on the mailer if you received one.

We won't need close-ups of individual items. Instead, pictures of whole rooms or piles are ideal. ​I'll acknowledge receipt and then call you within an hour or so to answer any questions you have and/or schedule. 

Feel free to send pictures of everything that needs to be removed, including larger items and trash, if you'd like a phone estimate for the removal.

Our goals are simple:

Keep costs as low as possible.

Keep as much out of the landfills as possible.

Help others in need.

Get your Stuff removed efficiently.

Scroll down for examples of what we take (which is pretty much everything)...

Consider It Done : Cleanouts & Removals

If you have it and don't see it listed below, we can either take it or refer you to someone who can.

Above Ground Pools


BBQ & Grills 

Beds, Mattresses & Box Springs 

Binned, Boxed, & Bagged Stuff


Books & Magazine (unless collectible) 

Cabinets & Shelving 

Carpeting & Rugs

China & Glassware 

Clothing & Linens 

Computers & Printers 

Concrete Pieces

Contents of

   Cabinets, Closets & Drawers 

Construction Debris


Exercise Equipment 


Furniture (all types) 

Grandfather Clocks 

Hot Tubs 

Household & Car Cleaners 

Junk & Trash 

Large & Small Appliances 

Lawn Equipment 

Lumber & Yard Stuff 


Miscellaneous Household Items 

Modern Electronics 

Motor Oil

Office Equipment 

Office Furniture 

Outdoor Playsets 


Pet Related Items 

Pianos & Organs 

Pictures & Prints 

Playsets & Trampolines

Pool Tables & Game Tables 

Porch & Patio Furniture 

Propane Tanks

Renovation Debris 

Shed Contents 

Sheds & Small Structures 

Small Safes 

Televisions (working and non-working) 


Need a Quote or Estimate?

Text or Email Pictures to Jenna


Visit our Resources  Page for DIY Options and for Selling your Valuable Collectibles

I hired Consider it Done to assist me with clearing out a residence. I couldn't have been more pleased with the owner Jennifer's handling of my specific situation, and also with the two gentlemen, Jeff and Tommy, that were tasked with the job. They were not only VERY professional, but helpful and were able to complete the job quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend their services.

Tanya Allen-Smith

Consider it Done helped my mom out of a bind after the Salvation Army failed to pick up furniture we were donating. Had to have it out of her old apt. within 2 days and they saved the day. Jennifer was great to deal with on the phone, listening to my story and accommodating me as best she could. She even went above and beyond to schedule the pick up at the most convenient time for us......
Professional, reliable company. Met my expectations and more. I wholeheartedly recommend Consider It Done for your cleanout and junk removal needs.

Maureen McCann

Cindy Principato

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