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Consider It Done : Cleanouts & Removals


The Information on This Page is Deemed Reliable but Not Guaranteed. 

We understand the need and the importance of keeping as much out of landfills as possible and giving our customers more options for repurposing, recycling, and saving money.  Below are some suggestions for recycling, repurposing, donating, and selling furniture on your own. 

Safety Tips for Transacting with Strangers

  • Don't give out your information. 

  • Trust your gut. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • If anything the seller or buyer says raises a red flag, it's probably best to go with your instincts and move on.

  • Meet at a Police Department.

  • Bring a Friend or Family Member with you. 

  • Use a secure form of payment at the time of sale and only pay after you've inspected and tested the item.

  • If you have to pay with cash, only bring enough for the purchase. Leave all other valuables at home.

Consider It Done : Cleanouts & Removals

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If you have valuable items that you want to sell, Text or Email Photos to Julie or Chrisris
732-998-1560 Julie
848-234-5211  Chris

Below are examples of what she buys. Julie does NOT buy furniture. She does NOT buy glass or fragile items unless listed below. .

  • Action Figures 

  • Albums & 8 Tracks 

  • Americana 

  • Arcade Games 

  • Bar Items 

  • Cameras

  • Cast Iron Stuff 

  • Civil War 

  • Classic Americana 

  • Clocks

  • Collections 

  • Comic Books 

  • Ephemera 

  • Film & Movie Memorabilia 

  • First Responder Items 

  • Fishing Stuff 

  • Guitars

  • Hand Tools 

  • Happy Meal Toys 

  • Hot Wheels

  • Household Décor & Accent Pieces 

  • Humidors 

  • Industrial Items 

  • Jewelry of Any Kind 

  • Legos 

  • Lladros & Some Hummels 

  • Lunch Boxes 

  • Machinist Tools 

  • Marbles 

  • Military & Law Enforcement 

  • Match Box Cars

  • Models & Kits

  • Motorcycle Stuff

  • Musical Equipment

  • Musical Instruments 

  • Nautical Items 

  • Old Advertisements 

  • Old Dolls, Toys & Games 

  • Old Electronics

  • Old Gaming Systems

  • Old Knives of Any Size shape 

  • Old License Plates 

  • Old Metal Items 

  • Old Patriotic Stuff

  • Old Pens & Pencils 

  • Old Lighters of Any Kind 

  • Old Lunch Boxes 

  • Old Photographs  

  • Old Photography Stuff 

  • Old Postcards  

  • Old Pictures with Cars & Buildings 

  • Old Slides 

  • Old Stamps 

  • Paintings on Canvas 

  • Patches 

  • Perfume 

  • Pocket Watches

  • Political Stuff 

  • Power Tools

  • Pre 1980 Electronics 

  • Promotional Items 

  • Pyrex 

  • Quilts 

  • Rare & Popular Collectables 

  • Retro & Nostalgic Stuff 

  • Scientific Instruments 

  • Signage 

  • Small Movie Props 

  • Smoking Pipes 

  • Some Magazines 

  • Sports Memorabilia 

  • Stained Glass 

  • Swords & Knives

  • Taxidermy

  • Trains & Accessories

  • Treasures 

  • Unique & Eclectic Stuff 

  • Valuables 

  • Vintage Clothing

  • Vintage Kitchenware 

  • Vintage License Plates

  • Vintage Tube Electronics 

  • Vinyl Records 

  • War Related Stuff

  • Woodworking Tools 

  • Wristwatches

  • Yard & Garden Ornaments 

  • Yearbooks

Additional Options for Getting Rid of Stuff

  • Search the internet for other sites and companies that assist in selling or taking furniture for free. 

  • Contact local charities that will pick up furniture for free. 

  • Consider renting a dumpster and clearing out the house yourself. 

  • Contact your local Public Works Department and Recycling Centers to find out if they provide bulk pick-up services or have facilities where you can take your recyclables, electronics, and/or bulk items.   

  • Consider having a house or garage sale.

  • Offer stuff to your friends, family, and neighbors.

  • Additional Sites:

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